23rd October 2017

in the manner of Shakespeare

'tis morrow
yet no letter penned...
no muse assuaged betimes

22nd October 2017

the lost hours
of a grey day...
cutting room floor

21st October 2017

an egret and I witness
night stealing the sun

20th October 2017

one the last rose...
the tattered ends
of summer

19th October 2017

between the covers I sail
with Huck Finn

18th October 2017

October sun...
all that I could wish for
in this moment

17th October 2017

monochrome morning...
the muffled sound
of bleating sheep

15th October 2017

slow news day
only the rumble of 
distant thunder

14th October 2017

wild wind...
once again this impulse
to fly

13th October 2017

whining wind...
from the shed the sound
of whistling

12th October 2017

stopped in my tracks the memory of your lop-sided smile

11th October 2017

a whisper of prayer
still on my lips...
maybe tomorrow

10th October 2017

turning tide
from bank to bank
the piping of reed warblers

9th October 2017

hall of mirrors
all the mistakes
on my way to you

8th October 2017

I dance to the
rhythm of the moon

7th October 2017

snowstorm across the valley echoes of an alpenhorn

6th October 2017

if only this Hunter's moon
would set me free

passing storm...
safe in the knowledge
that birds will come

4th October 2017

before the sun...
these few moments
wrapped in silence

3rd October 2017

all that I could wish for Son et Lumiere

2nd October 2017

from first light...
measure by measure
Earth song

30th September 2017

January sea...
all I need to know
of cloud secrets

29th September 2017

starless night the rhythmic slap of waves

28th September 2017

her eyes flutter
and close

27th September 2017

lunch time...
between two rows a blackbird
stretching a worm

26th September 2017

siesta time...
inside the cage
only sparrow song

When I was in Mauritius I went walking with lions and tigers. I was stroking this 10- month-old tiger cub, just before I took this shot.

25th September 2017

in the wake of spindrift
she chooses her way

24th September 2017

dark side of the moon
all the wonders yet unseen