26th July 2107

does she dream of stardust
in moonbeams

REM sleep. n. A period of sleep during which dreaming takes place

25th July 2017

Spring Song
fiddle heads playing
with the wind


23rd July 2017

leaving home...
I am lost between
here and there

22nd July 2017

the gentle breeze
on flower jewels

21st July 2017

wind dancing...
my kite at the end 
of its tether

19th July 2017

spring love on tender stems
so many bleeding hearts

18th July 2017

scudding clouds
the haunting sound
of wind song

19th July 2017

our quarrel...
a ray of sunshine
passing through

 I took this shot from approximately 8 feet away.  These two was so absorbed with each other they didn't even flinch.

16th July 2017

between lovers
an eternal struggle
for the remote

15th July 2017

a time to escape...
with one last latte
I drift away

14th July 2017

soft light...
colour by colour 
the morning unfolds

13th July 2017

into autumn...
how fleeting the taste
of your name on my tongue

12th July 2017

gathering clouds...
a sudden shower
of starlings

11th July 2017

library silence...
on every new page
the persistent fly

10th July 2017

colours of night
calling the last starling

8th July 2017

the dog's nose
deep in seaweed

6th July 2017

into the crucible
the last precious 
dregs of day

5th July 2017

summer morning...
the cat's tongue lapping
milky white

4th July 2017

water ballet
she dives into her own

3rf July 2017

Bikini atoll...
after the fallout
just two pieces left

The nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll program was a series of 23 nuclear devices detonated by the United States between 1946 and 1958 

2nd July 2017

after the rainbow...
she brings me her pencils 
to sharpen

1st July 2017

fitful moonbeams
stealing my hours

30th June 2017

time for bed...
my haiku snagged
on the moon

29th June 2017

warm bed
only the tick of the clock
and easing rain

28th June 2017

I study the art 
of patience

27th June 2017

damp earth...
 the first snowflakes
falling on cedar

26th June 2017

purple haze...
a bunting leaves behind
a stain of notes