20th January 2018

for a silver coin
she turns my world
upside down

Tarot cards
The World Reversed can symbolise those times when you thought you had climbed the highest mountain, the epitome of success, only to discover that there was an even bigger one just behind it.

19th January 2018  (something to look forward to)

May Day
if I were a bell
I'd be

18th January 2018

first flakes...
how gently you settle
on my mind

17th January 2018

deep purple...
a nightingale surrenders
his song

16th January 2018

crows in the snow
she dips her brush
into sumi

15th January 2018

butterfly afternoon...
on second thought I choose
a brighter yellow

14th January 2018

after the reapers
a downpour
of crows

13th January 2018

fading beauty
once  more she paints
over the cracks

12th January 2018

back to school
at show and tell...
her holiday

11th January 2018

September wine...
the mellow overtones
of birdsong

10th January 2018

nestled in my mind
the sweet scent
of remembrance

8th January 2018

after the rush hour
at the intersection
only rain

7th January 2018

summer bells...
scenting the aisle
the bride's bouquet

6th January 2018

wind chill...
watching his breath
on the steaming mug

5th January 2018

in sunlight
how pale the shadow
of your former self

4th January 2018

butterfly dream
he and I tap dancing
on the head of a pin

3rd January 2018

half way round the world
your smile still packed
in my suitcase

2nd January 2018

Sunday bells...
a spatter of oil
and sizzling eggs


1st January 2018

drifting mist
even the river asleep
in his bed

31st December 2017

end of days...
the coming year

30th December 2017

after you've gone
a hollow fills with wind
the distance between us

29th December 2017

Day's end
his rocking chair slows
to a halt

28th December 2017

winter morning...
from the far horizon
grey on grey

27th December 2017

from first light...
measure by measure
Earth song

26th December 2017

drumming sleet
and the hunting horn...
almost home

Christmas Day 2017

A very merry Christmas to you all

fourth Christmas
he tells me his dream
of sleigh bells

23rd December 2107

midday sun
frogs a'chillin
no splash