323rd February 2018

birthday boy...
a  finger in too many

22nd February 2018

milk-white morning
a drizzle of honey 
and robin song

21st February 2018

February sky
a tempting taste 
of Springtime

20th February 2018

moonlit harbour
the slap of waves
and creaking ropes

19th February 2018

even the wind and dogs 
are sleeping

18th February 2018


how steady the hand
that lifts the scoop

 17th February 2018

overnight rain...
tugging at my hand a boy
in red boots

16th February 2018

leaving home
I am lost between
here and there

15th February 2018

spring song
the first fanfare
of a tenor trumpet

14th February 2018

desert wind
above cooling sands
a myriad of stars

13th February 2018

promenade cafe
all the seats in each
other's laps

12th February 2018

chink in the curtains
the way sunlight caresses
her hair

11th February 2018

ungfazed by moonlight skinny dipping

10th February 2018

last orders
the barmaid mile
to stifle a yawn

 9th February 2018

just moonlight on cold
cotton sheets

8th February 2018


Her hair; 
like tongues of fire 
fanned by the breeze, 
licks at cornstalks 
as she races harum-scarum 
through a summer field. 

A golden child; 
supple as a dancer, 
nimble as a stream 
she dances to nature’s tune; 
head thrown back to 
commune with clouds. 

At dusk the flame dwindles. 
Swinging her high onto 
my shoulders I bear 
my drooping Rose homeward; 
our pockets full of daisies.

 7th February 2018

arctic winds
five crows huddle
on a white roof

6th February 2018

grey morning...
my toes tapping
to the busker's
happy tune

5th February 2018

first cut...
strewn on my neighbour's lawn
murdered daisies

4th February 2018

after you've gone
our tune still playing
in my mind

3rd February 2018

a few crumbs left
on the table

2nd February 2018

a break in the clouds
pale rays of moonlight
on sleeping hills

1st February 2018

walking the dog...
heads tilted we breathe in
a taste of Spring

31st January 2018

even the moon
is seeking your shadow...
Autumn alone

30th January 2018

white out--
the trembling fawn and I

28th January 2018

in the call of wild geese
tatters of  my dream

27th January 2018

oranges and lemons...
the colours of Spring
bursting into song

26th January 2018

hush of evening...
this serene moment
of perfect balance

24th January 2018

note by note
a new beginning