27th February 2017

bowls of water...
morning prayers

NB  In the Vajrayana tradition, instead of offering only a single cup of water, there is the custom of offering seven bowls of water, which represent the seven limbs of prayer. These seven components include the (1) Paying of homage, (2) Giving of offerings, (3) Repentance of misgivings, (4) Rejoicing in goodness, (5) Requesting the Buddhas to remain, ( 6) Inviting them to teach, and (7) Dedicating of merits.  

26th February 2017

our last glass of wine...
another butterfly
staggers homeward

25th February 2017

the brook forgets
to sing its song

23d February 2017

moon magic...
your cool hands on my skin
feather light

22nd February 2017

without you
what do I know
of tomorrow

21st February 2017

first flakes
how gently you settle
on my mind

20th  February 2017

going home
on the far side of the rain
echoes of laughter

 19th February 2017

the deep secrets
of small things

18th February 2017

moon bridge
pale koi circling
the sky

17tyh February 2017

day's end
the moonlit scales
on the old salt's hands

16th Febraury 2017

into the silence
the lament of a
wood pigeon

15th February 2017

frog spawn
for a little while
I am ten again

14th February 2017

childhood haunt...
all the bluebells I forgot
to remember

13th February 2017

spring melt
the white noise telling it
just as it is

112th February 2017

finding its way
to places I have
never seen

11th February 2017

fresh new day
through meadow mist a flutter of wings

10th February 2017

visiting you...
the back of my hand
brushing my eyes

9th February 2017

water colour...
my mood sky-blue
with promise

8th February 2017

a potpourri
of birdsong

7th February 2017

another year...
only one of us
on our favourite walk

6th February 2017

through the keyhole
a sliver of moonlight...
you shone as brightly

 5th February 2017

barely a ripple
a swan folding 
into its wings

4th February 2017

first touch of spring
could it be more green

3rd February 207

flower beds...
reaching for morning
waiting for butterflies

2nd February 2017

the art of being human...
sometimes it's easy

1st February 2017

polishing a haiku
until it sparkles

31st January 2017

losing her...
the forgetfullness
of  shining days

30th January 2017

a stillness returns
to the lake

29th January 2017

into winter...
between heaven and earth
accompanied by eagles