9th December 2017

biting cold...
the scarecrow nods
in the barn

8th December 2017

lost in thought...
I stray into the way
of butterflies

#Haiku Master 2017

8th December 2017

losing her...
the forgetfulness
of shining days

7th December 2017

once and forever
the memory of you

6th December 2017

that summer...
the breeze feather-light
on our cheeks

5th December 2017

first snow
not questioning its coldness
a toddler in yellow boots

4th December 2017


the more I earn
the less I know

3rd December 2017

out of the gloaming...
a shining new day answers
my prayer

2nd December 2017

end of May...
I do not ask the swallow
why he is late

1st December 2017

fire on the mountain...
so soon I mourn
the day that is no more

30th November 2017

reflecting on rainbows...
my thoughts  caught
in a ceaseless flow

29h November 2017

time for bed...
my haiku snagged
on the moon

28th November 2017

high noon...
hot-foot a lizard
racing with clouds

27th November 2017

going home...
I follow the cries 
of a Marsh Harrier

27th November 2017

the brook forgets
to sing its song

26th November 2017

in my altered state
I walk on clouds

25th November 2017

in the cold silence
the sea holds still

24th November 2017

sierra nevada...
below us the silent flight
on an Imperial Eagle

22nd November 2017

raindrops on Grandpa
and the soft thud
of handfuls of earth

21st November 2017

in birdsong...
this other Eden

20th November 2017

in the shadow of Vesuvius the writing on the wall

19th November 2017

we wander into the path
of the sleeping dragon

18th November 2107

overnight snow
the sound of an axe
breaking the silence

17th November 2017

the shimmering light
in her wind tossed hair

16th November 2017

dying embers here i am your audience of one

15th November 2017

all that
is left of summer...

14th November 2107

wind-driven rain...
on the pond lily pads

13th November 

lava field...
invoking the wrath
of the sleeping dragon 

12th November 2017

changing seasons
his cool touch on her
withered cheek

11th November 2017

all the colours
locked in her mind
except grey