23rd October 2016

last light...
trudging home
in Mum's shadow

22nd October 2016

freshening breeze
a goshawk eavesdrops
on whispering leaves

21st October 2016

sleeping swans
stitched to the lake...
pale shadows

20th October 2016

after hours
bullfrogs and katydids

19th October 2016

gathering storm...
into the blue a seagull
leads the way

18th October 2016

last dance
fanned by the wind...
tongues of fire

17th October 2016

another rainbow
settles into the folds...
long dry spell

N.B This is the seven colour earth on the island of Mauritius. I took this photo two years ago on holiday.

16th October 2016

dying day
along the lagoon
a reverend silence

15th October 2016

the racing heart
of a startled deer...
blood moon

14th October 2016

howling wind...
the hunched frame
of a man of straw

13th October 2016

from bank to bank
without a sound the slither
of a water snake

12th October 2016

tie-dyed sky
she adds more colours
to her patchwork

11th October 2015

a toast
to the scarecrow in the rye
I take mine neat

10th October 2016

All Hallow's Eve...
only the wind tapping
on the screen door

8th October 2016

into the night
my muse interrupted
by starshine

6th October 2016

into autumn
hand in hand we choose
not to speak

5th October 2016

morning chill...
a scampering squirrel
out on a limb

4th October 2016

the shimmering light
in her wind tossed hair

3rd October 2016

turning season...
a vague remembrance
of snowdrops

2nd October 2016

llate autumn...
can you remember
how tall I once stood

1st October 2016

declining sun
crossing the lawn our hedgehog
dressed in leaves

30th September 2016

night train the strangers and I inside outside

29th September 2016

holiday season
the raucous laughter
of seagulls

28th September 2016

September morning
all along the river
ghost trees

27th September 2016

a gentle breeze
the heron and I
tranquil in reflection

26th September 2016

from dusk
till dawn
the length
of starlight

25th September 2016

into winter
whatever happens now...
this serenity

24th September 2016

soft light...
colour by colour
the morning