22nd September 2017

sound and fury...
fire mountain on the verge
of release

21st September 2017

November evening more birds than sky

A susurration of starlings which congregate every year over the Somerset levels where I live.
20th September 2017

rain shower...
telling the children
about the leprechaun

19th September 2017

night swim...
the star-spangled water
straightens her curls

 18th September 2017

an air raid
of starlings

 My grapevine under it seasonal attack!!

17th September 2017

wind music
the first stirring
of autumn leaves

16th September 2017

Father's Day...
she shows him the one
she loves most

15th September  2017

last rays
stretching out the day
to quietude

14th September 2017

lifting her hem...
Sister Mary Ambrose
plays hopscotch

13th September 2017

a waddle of ducks

12th September 2017

autumn gold...
following the scent
of hickory smoke

11th September 2017

all that
is left of summer...

10th September 2017

outward bound
only the breath 
of following wind

9th September 2017

all day long
the swan and me...
a Sunday's child

8th September 2017

in the apple orchard
two staggering goats

Windfalls are fruit blown down by the wind and left to rot. They become highly intoxicating and irresistible to animals. This is a common sight where I live.

7th September 2017

window shopping
which sparkling diamond
to choose

6th September 2017

morning haze
from reed to reed a shimmer
of blue

5th September 2017

sick in bed
the cough and splutter
of my neighbour's car

4th September 2017

easing rain...
the mirrored image
of stilettos

3rd September 2017

day's end
neon on raindrops 
to light her world

2nd September 2017

end of days...
they tell her she must
let him go

1st September 2017

ancient shed the beauty in its drabness

31st August 2017

church bells...
the smallest bridesmaid
skips down the aisle

30th August 2017

savannah dawn...
the scent of a gazelle

29th August 2017

echo chamber...
a peregrine fledgling
calls for its mother

28th August 2017

Hunter's moon
at the drowning pool
a bloodied stag

27th August 2017

Summer's end...
you and I swallow
planning out flight

26th August 2017

brisk wind...
the measured beat
of a swan's wings

25th August 2017

Romeo and Juliet
it's all in the telling...
she closes her eyes

24th August 2017

evening shadows...
the watermelon seller
spitting seeds