6th December 2016

eightieth birthday
next on the bucket list...
wing walking

5th December 2016

long shadows
the creak of his rocking chair
slows to a stop

4th December 2016

claiming the night
the communication
of wolves

3rd December 2016

Saturday confession...
the hooker recites
ten Hail Marys

2nd December 2016

even now...
the enduring beauty
of Black Marigolds

 The most beautiful love poem I have ever read.

1st December 2016

first frost...
the hovering wings
of a hungry kestrel

30th November 2016

bone cold night
I long to hit 
the escape key

29th November 2016

ebb tide the last pelican unwinding the day

28th November 2016

the crowning glory
of morning

27th November 2016

for us the trek 
ends at the moon

26th November 2016

school over
a young girl dawdles home
pockets full of daisies

25th November 2016

a lone fisherman
while the heron sleeps

24th November 2016

mountain pass
the monks' alms bowls
filled with rain

23rd November 2016

summer evening
thoughts of you...
smoke in my eyes

22nd November 2016

Indian summer...
where once we walked
blackbirds still sing

21st November 2016

a labrador's nose buried
deep in seaweed

20th November 2016

amid the fury
sea bounty

19th November 2016

deep blue sea...

the lightning strike
of  a man o' war

18th November 2016

noon heat...
the quietude
of daydreams

17th November 2016

monochrome morning
just for an instant the flash
of a puffin's beak

16th November 2016

day's end...
after the pilgrims a hermit
ventures forth

15th November 2016

slack water...
not even a wave
to play with

 14th Novwmbwe 2016

cold new morning...
across her frail shoulders
the old lace shawl

12th November 2016

on the edge of the forest
a ghost owl glides

11th November 2016

summer picnic
my daughter's shadow
wearing daisies

10th November 2016

dappled light...
now and the a sense
of deja vu

9th November 2016

mist rising...
a kingfisher waits
out on a limb

8th November 2016

barely visible...
a woodpecker on the green
side of the tree

7th November 2016

cooling air...
the slither of a speeding

6th November 2016

bonfire night...
two dogs under
my duvet