18th January 2017

new year...
one more turn
around the sun

17th January 2017

church bells...
two choirboys in the graveyard
swap marbles

16th January 2017

listening to voids
the merest shift
in the eagle's glance

15th January 2017

sunday again...
a cloud of starlings
rains down

14th January 2017

wild wind... 
my kite at the end
of its tether

13th January 2017

break of day...
the subdued whistling
of the postman

10th January 2017

night breeze,
a frog lands on
number seven

9th January 2017

dying day...
along the lagoon
a reverent silence

8th Hanuary 2017

bitter cold
from shore to shore
the weight of silence

6th January 2017

blue ice...
every breath snatched
by the wind

5th January 2017

country churchyard...
no epitaph for a dove

4th January 2017

going home
a chaffinch on the edge
of twilight

3rd Jamuary 2107

from a neutral plain
a blackness of crows takes flight

2nd January 2107

night light...
polishing up
my Shakespeare

1st January 2107

beginning over...
a small beacon
along the way

31st December 2016

out of the chaos
a wish for peace...

30th December 2016

evening stroll...
a flake on the tip
of your eyelash

30th December 2016


27th December 2016

monochrome morning...
only a chattering
of magpies

26th December 2016

morning shroud
the new moon fades
to blue

25th December 2016

nativity play...
the smallest angel straightens 
her halo

24th December 2016

out of the gloaming
a shining new day answers
my prayer

23rd December 2016

she surrenders all her gold
to the night

22nd December 2016

last light..
gossiping starlings cede
to the nightingale

21st Devember 2016

(in memorium for Ralph)

his fingers caressing my

20th December 2016

a last waltz for the
ice queen

19th December 2016

sultry night
the mocking bird perfects
his haiku