28th August 2016

autumn concerto...
wind music
and birdsong

28th August 2016

opening night
a final rehearsal
of the pas de deux

27th August 2016

summer wedding...
across the fields
a carillon of bells

26th August 2016

I follow the path
of butterflies

25th August 2016

end of May...
I do not ask the swallow
why he is late

24th August 2016

my head nestled
in the crook of his arm...
heart beats

23rd August 2016

knowing the sun rolls on
behind this greyness

22nd August 2016

the settling ruffle
of bunting feathers

21st August 2016

Tribute to the great Usain Bolt

Rio summer
the world as one...
he bolts to gold

20th August 2016

between a cedar
and its shadow...
crow silhouettes

18th August 2016

skylark song...
an inchworm measures
the top C

17th August 2016

pitch dark...
no sign of the black cat
comiing or going

16th August 2016

morning light
the garden dressed
for summer

15th August 2016

the weave and flow
of starling gossip

14th August 2106

beach combing...
an empty bottle
full of sunshine

13th August 2016

yellow bird
such sweet music flowing
from the steel pans

12th August 2016

water music
a golden oriole
joins the chorus

11th August 2016

peace lilies
I count the seconds 
of your silence

10th August 2016

into the crucible
the last precious
dregs of day

9th August 2016

sick in bed
the cough and splutter
of my neighbour's car

8th August 2016

wild winter wind
each naked branch
black with rain

7th August 2016

such a rush and tumble
from your tiny throat

By Nevil Lazarus - Nevil Lazarus via Cas Liber, CC BY 3.0,https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4040249
6th August 2016

water ballet
a great white enters
his own reflection

5th August 2016

the new cat next door
licks his lips

Just a few ruffled feathers, no harm done.

3rd August 2016

Mendelsohhn a swallow rides on the wings of song


2nd August 2016

Father's Day
a sea horse
births his young

1st August 2016

the mellow notes
of a reggae song

31st July 2016

midsummer's eve
the endless chant
of a whipoorwill

30th July 2016

the absent heartbeat
of their unborn child

29th July 2016

open window...
the canary sings 
his heart out