25th September 2016

into winter
whatever happens now...
this serenity

24th September 2016

soft light...
colour by colour
the morning

23rd September 2016

the prayer on my lips I thought
I had forgotten

22nd September 2016

long siesta...
the air heavy with silence

21st September 2016

dawn chorus...
unfazed by a robin
these one-note crows

20th September 2016

hospice tea...
for a moment Mother
remembers my name

19th September 2016

the weight of feather-light

18th September 2016

break of day
borne on the rain
the scent of heather

17th September 2016

sleepless night...
this sky from navy blue
to rose

16th September 2016

gathering gloom
the sound of wingbeats
homing to roost

15th September 2016

Midsummer ball...
she glides with 
a whisper of satin

14th September 2016

April begins...
a sudden downpour
of jackdaws

13th September 2016

lucid water
sky blue with promise...
sometimes it's easy

12th September 2016

night light...
this otter almost velvet
almost silver

11th September 2016

 ebb tide

the barely remembered
ghost of your smile

10th September 2016

following birds...
following the scent
of hickory smoke

9th September 2016

darkening clouds...
from far and near
the sound of thunder

8th September 2016

wearing her shroud unseen unnoticed summer slips away

7th September 2016

overnight rain...
the sound of trees

6th September 2016

into the crucible
the last precious dregs
of day

5th September 2016

flower beds
reaching for morning...
waiting for butterflies

4th September 2016

moorland walk...
the way the wind 
leads us on

3rd September 2016

winter beach...
a scurry of crabs
from the lisping sea

2nd September 2016

wave after wave with never a pause for sunset

1st September 2016

capricious wind...
a kaleidescope
of skittering leaves

31st August 2016

birthday card
for great Grandpa

30th August 2016

she asks me once again the name of stars I do not now

28th August 2016

autumn concerto...
wind music
and birdsong

28th August 2016

opening night
a final rehearsal
of the pas de deux

27th August 2016

summer wedding...
across the fields
a carillon of bells