17th August 2017

the inner serenity
of Prayer

Wesak is the most important of the Buddhist festivals and is celebrated on the full moon in May. It celebrates the Buddha's birthday, and, for some Buddhists, also marks his enlightenment and death.

16th August 2017

tide pool...
the hunkered shadow
of a small boy

15th August 2017

hangnail moon...
the swift and silent flight
of a ghost owl

Ghost owl is another name for the barn owl, because when seen in flight all its under feathers are pure white.

14th August 2017

riding the wind...
set fair for a distant shore
with only the slap of waves

This photo was taken by my son, Sean, who was perched at the top of this a 100-foot mast. Shortly before, the yacht had been hit by a gigantic wave and he had been swept overboard.

13th August 2017

late autumn...
her seven cats
and a barren womb

12thAugust 2017

after lunch...
the measure of bravery
on a sliding scale

I took this photo hanging out of the back of a boat on the Black River in Jamaica, with two of my sons holding onto my legs. I was 67 at the time.  :)

11th August 2017

last light...
the measured tread of hooves
on cobblestones

10th August 2017

cooling sands
as night deepens
star by star

9th August 2017

Spring fair
amid the kerfuffle
a waddle of white

7th August 2017

edge of night
a hovering kestrel

6th August 2017

barren skies
no sight or sound to heal
the loneliness

5th August 2017

just behind a cloud
in the wink of an eye
a flash of blue

4th August 2017

coming or going...
the blue sky
even bluer

3rd August 2017

high noon...
in the presence
of butterflies

1st August 2017

shifting light
the grey heron and I
in deep reflection

31st July 2017

remembered forever
this moment of moonlight

30th July 2017

startled awake
by a haunting cry...
Midsummer Night

29th July 2017

the old man
losing the race
with  his  shadow

28th July 2017

into the sun
unfolding inch by inch...
a clouded yellow

27th July 2017

dying day...
along the lagoon
a reverent silence

26th July 2107

does she dream of stardust
in moonbeams

REM sleep. n. A period of sleep during which dreaming takes place

25th July 2017

Spring Song
fiddle heads playing
with the wind


23rd July 2017

leaving home...
I am lost between
here and there

22nd July 2017

the gentle breeze
on flower jewels

21st July 2017

wind dancing...
my kite at the end 
of its tether

19th July 2017

spring love on tender stems
so many bleeding hearts

18th July 2017

scudding clouds
the haunting sound
of wind song