28th May 2017

the reach of  bumble bees
a zinnia in bloom

In January 2016, NASA announced that a zinnia which had blossomed on the International Space Station was the first flower ever grown outside the Earth's biosphere. 

27th May 2017

a constant flick
of the stallion's tail...
indian summer

26th May 1017

November rain...
I drift through canyons
down to a sunless sea

25th July 2017

waiting for roses...
a child's gift
above rubies

24th May 2107

a commotion of wind
and wings

23rd May 2017

the taste 
of May in my tongue...
could there be unicorns

22nd May 2107

in my altered state
I walk on clouds

21st May 2017

the spaces between us
filling with wind

20th May 2017

a stillness between
their coming and going

19th May 2017

heat shimmer
just enough water
to drink in the sky

18th May 2017

who can tell...
the wind whispers
to the apple tree

17th May 2017

folding into sleep...
silence is an answer
to my prayer

15th May 2017

cirrus cloud...
my pen hovering 
above the paper

14th May 2017

library silence...
the sound of the creak
in my neck

13th May 2017

days end...
all her colours bleeding
into night

12th May 2017

receding water...
only a skittering
of mice

11th May 2017

bridal white
the heady scent of flowers
from her hair

10th May 2017

high noon...
at the wadi just me
an an iguana

9th May 2017

garden party...
in and out of the buzz
a hornet

8th May 2017

baitless hook
the gnome and a sickle moon
in deep reflection

7th May 2017

light shower...
a sparrow and a starling
sharing a bath

 6th May 2017

afternoon breeze...
a magpie eavesdrops
on whispering leaves

5th May 2017

shoulder high
he carries her home...
pockets full of daisies

4th May 2017

into autumn...
how fleeting the taste
of your name on my tongue

2nd May 2017

May morning...
a bee in and out 
of the rainbow

1st May 2017

I gather my stray  thoughts
to hoard

30th April 2017

spent tide...
strewn on the beach
sand dollars

28th April 2017

in my altered state
I walk on clouds

27th April 2017

shaking sky...
in the wheat field
a scurry of mice