24th March 2018

empty nest...
even the wind has deserted
their playground

23rd March 2018

savannah dawn...
the scent of a gazelle

22nd March 2018

spring thermals
once again the impulse
to fly

21st March 2018

morning song
the fairy wren's quest
for love

20th March 2018

following the bend
in my lifeline

19th March 2018

between heaven and earth
in the company
of eagles

18th March 2018

storm warning
the first rustle
of trembling leaves

17th March 2018

beyond the waterfall
the faraway sound
of silence

16th March 2018

ebb tide...
burnished by moonlight
the ocean's jewels

15th March 2018

mountain fire
on the far side...
tomorrow ablaze

14th March 2018

the spill of moonlight
on crow shadows

13th March 2018

changing seasons
into the silence
the scurry of mice

12th March 2018

rising with the skylark's song the hairs on my neck

11th March 2018

treble clef
the first trembling notes
of the dawn chorus

10th March 2018

bitter cold
from shore to shore
the weight of silence

9th March 2018

distant memory
in the old oak chest
her winter wedding lace

8th March 2018

first communion...
her little brother counts
his marbles

7th March 2018

in the gloaming
the first flickering 
of bat wings

6th March 2018

running home the boy
without blackberries

5th March 2018

eyes closed...
again the vision of her
harvesting the wind

4th March 2018

spring breeze...
three ladies walking
in blossom rain

3rd March 2018

oranges and lemons
the colours of Spring
bursting into song

2nd March 2018

rising mist...
will nothing ease
this melancholia

 1st March 2108

in the half-light
my pen hovering
above the paper

 28th February 2018

first cuckoo...
a slight hesitation
in the nun's prayer

26th February 2018

rainbow dream...
the smile on the face
of my sleeping child

25th February 2018

first in the queue
at the soup kitchen

24th February 2018

a frost flower surrenders
to the sun

frost flower is formed when thin layers of ice are extruded from long-stemmed plants in autumn or early winter. The thin layers of ice are often formed into exquisite patterns that curl into "petals" that resemble flowers.

23rd February 2018

birthday boy...
a  finger in too many

22nd February 2018

milk-white morning
a drizzle of honey 
and robin song